Navigating the System
A Guide for People with Traumatic Brain Injury and Their Families

What is the family's role in discharge planning?

Sep 24, 2013, 15:46 PM
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Stay in communication with the social worker throughout your loved one's stay in the hospital. That way you are up-to-date on management of your loved one's treatment plan.

The social worker will coordinate with your doctors and nurses and with your insurance company to plan your family member's discharge from the hospital. You will need to help plan for the care your loved one will need. You may need to visit rehabilitation or nursing facilities to decide which one is best for your loved one. Ask the social worker for answers to your questions about these facilities. 

You will also need to be involved in the discussions with your insurance company about how to pay for services and equipment that may be needed. 

This is a stressful time for family members. People often find they cannot remember as much information in these circumstances as they usually would be able to do. Ask your social worker for information and take notes to help you understand and remember what you learn.

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