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What assistance is available to help my teenager transition from school to college? To work?

Sep 24, 2013, 17:24 PM
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Each college and university has a disability resource center for students. These centers provide information and services to support students with disabilities to participate successfully in their college education. You can find this resource by typing the name of a college and the word “disability” into your favorite Internet search engine. 

The State Vocational Rehabilitation program (often called “VR” or “Voc Rehab”) has school-related Youth Transition and School-to-Work programs for youth with disabilities. Services may begin while the student is still in school (if the school has established an agreement with the VR program) or after he leaves school. 

Contact your teen’s school to explore the VR resources available for students still in school. 

After your young adult exits school, the VR program provides opportunities such as:
  • College education
  • Additional formal skills training
  • Work-related assistive technology goods and services
  • Job development and placement services
If your young adult is not ready or able to go to work after finishing school, he may benefit from applying for the State Independent Living Rehabilitation Services Program (ILRS). 

ILRS Counselors help people with disabilities to live and function more independently at home and in their communities. The program helps participants to:
  • Define their independent living goals
  • Learn independent living skills
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Connect with peer support, counseling, and mentoring
  • Link with services and resources to help achieve their goals
Use the links on this screen to find a VR or ILRS program in your area. 
NOTE: The ILRS program is provided at selected VR offices. Contact your local VR office to find the nearest VR or ILRS counselor.

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